Thursday, June 5, 2014

Just a quickie...

First, I went back to P-1R OX....Updating sig. I'm just way more consistent with it placement-wise, my chops are spinnier, and the close to the table attack shots are way more effective...especially the sideswipes and chops vs. backspin. There's something so tactile about it in OX with the defplay...I just love it.

I invested in an iPong, and will be trying Reflectoid as my forehand rubber. I'll report back after a night of trying that out.... I haven't yet practiced with the new rubber yet, but the iPong is GREAT! It does jam quite often tho. Still, it's a minor nuisance and so worth the money. 

Already my chop consistency is WAY improved! I am consistently hitting the middle line, and within a foot of the back of the table. Getting about 30 balls on the table in a row....

After taping myself I noticed that my chopping stroke was flawed. I wasn't getting full extension through the ball on my really have to be cognizant of getting your paddle near your knee...I was stopping short, often stopping about 5 inches past contact with the ball.

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