Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Well, since my last post, things have been busy at work with the Department of Health paying my hospital a visit, and thus time has been in dearth supply. 

However, I DO have some things to report. 

The ups and downs of TT and LPs
After my last post where it seemed as though I had discovered a whole new world (LP). I have had a few highs and lows with regards to my new playing style. I seem to be having a consistency issues when playing non-conventional styles. I assume this will improve with more exposure and training; however it was very frustrating because I ended up playing those matches with my inverted side, and often failing miserably when twiddling to my LP side. After perusing the forms on OOAK, it sounds like this is a common challenge to those who are new to the pips world. Damn forehand side float ball, and damn those deep pushes. The worst part is that these non-conventional styled players were lower level, and had I just used my inverted/SP Jpen, I’m confident I would have crushed them. 

More downs:
I got killed by some players that were higher level than I, but not by a whole lot, whereas my first outing was much different. The disheartening part was that Perhaps they adjusted to the PIPs? Perhaps I adjusted (errantly) to the PIPs. I think the latter.

More ups:
Good news! :up: I NOW have a coach! I’m very excited to say that I am seeing Donn Olsen, a very respected coach who has written several books, one of which I had come across prior to being assigned to him through the local club. We went over my inverted forehand and backhand topspin strokes, and in a short 1 hour session, he corrected my “hand” and placement. I’ve been putting in too many variables trying to brush my topspin. Also, I was focusing on the way my paddle contacted the ball instead of placement. These very fundamental changes focusing on stroke principles are JUST what the doctor ordered! 

Of course, applying these principles to a live person in a match vs. a coach who is feeding you varied but predictable topspin balls is a whole other matter. I need much practice. 

Another amazing coincidence, he’s a Long Pips Player! HOORAY! So I mentioned to him that I am interested in playing LPs and he was very excited about that aspect of our future sessions. He comes with an amazing enthusiasm for the game, which was apparent from the beginning.

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